Welcome to Vyaas Paramparaa

Vyaas Paramparaa is a non governmental organisation where you will find a science of better living through Shabda and Sangeet.

Usually Sangeet, today is linked to mere entertainment or a part of breath taking struggle for the search of entertainment with movie photographs, alcohol, drugs or other causatives of addictions.

But the opposite pole of addiction is devotion. He who knows can feel that devotion is a more stronger emotion and works with much more positive life- energy.

When devotion is added with Sangeet---- Sangeet begins not from entertainment but from enjoyment only. The person who is connected with such kind of Sangeet begins a journey from hell to heaven i.e. to a almost ailment free and tension free life with great attention to the divine power and at the same time the gradual defeat of all evil powers, even in an ordinary, common and plain system of any human life on earth.

But where are the systems through which you can learn and use this positive power?

The systems were there in ancient Indian education system. May be, for a long history of dependences upon the foreign invaders, time to time, the culture and practice of using positive life-energy of Sangeet is now buried under the soil of traditional India.

The PRAAN SANGEET project of Vyaas Paramparaa revived it from the under ground world of so called music and actually the noise-industry of present India.

Vyaas Utsav Sammilani will do in favour of bringing the concepts and products of Vyaas Paramparaa to the public.

Sahitya (literature) also works with shabda and it’s the meanings behind. Vyaas Sanskaar Sahitya is working on the teaching and practice of Shabdatatwa (the theories of every kinds of sounds.) in an effective way. Publication of books and other related things is another objective of Vyaas Paramparaa.

The various aspects of science, mainly physics, psychology, physiology etc along with the basics of sciences is a regular culture of Vyaas Paranparaa. Psycho-acoustics is a basic stand point of music understanding and the practice of the other subjects of sciences including bio-chemistry is required for music therapy.

Music, literature and painting are the main arms of the triangle of art and culture.in near future Vyaas Paramparaa will begin to relate Pashyanti Shabda with the forms of paintings.

To resuscitate the buried down forms of the then sources of life energy of ancient India within the modern shape of life in the form of art and culture, for a better living;------ is the main impulse behind the journey of Vyaas Paramparaa from today to the days ahead.


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